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The China Club Hong Kong

opened on 30th June 1991 and its sixth anniversary coincided with the eve of the hand-over of Hong Kong from British to Chinese sovereignty. It is located on the top three floors of the old Bank of China Building in Central Hong Kong. Designed with a strong sense of tradition and history, with motifs widely used in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the 1930's and 1940's, the Club contains paintings and sculptures by Chinese artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some of these artists are already well established whilst others hold great promise. Some of the works were purchased by the club while some were kindly loaned by members.


Since music is an important element in the Club, a unique Bosendorfer grand piano stands in a discreet corner of the main dining room. Furthermore, one floor was specially designed for banquets and private parties with private rooms which could be arranged into one large banqueting hall. For members who are keen readers, the library has one of the best collections of books on China and the Chinese people. It numbers over five thousand volumes and was one of the first acquisitions of the Club. Also, the historical balcony outside of the library offers one of the most splendid views of Hong Kong.


The China Club Beijing


was opened in 1996. It is situated on Xirong Xian Lan in a quiet hutong near Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, which are part of a royal palace built in the 16th Century for a prince descended from Emperor Kang Xi of Qing Dynasty. Due to careful preservation works over the centuries, the architectural features and character of traditional palace remain intact.


The entrance through the front door of the three- storey pavilion opens to a formal foyer, with a short stairway down to the Sichuan restaurant. To the right is the Club's Reception leading to the Business centre and Lounge which overlook the first courtyard.


To the left is the staircase to the two upper floors which comprise ten well-appointed suites open to visiting members. The upper floor suites have balconies overlooking the first court and surrounding historical residential areas. A high stonewall separates the first court from a series of three successive inner courtyards, and each courtyard is surrounded by traditional single-storey pavilions with ornate colonnaded walkways and verandas on the perimeter. Whether you are hosting an intimate lunch or a grand company function, the pavilions offer dining rooms varying in size and style from small, private rooms to large banqueting facilities.






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